We are excited to announce that CrowdStrike is now deployed on all Virtual Machines (VMs) in our Azure Hosted AVD solution. CrowdStrike is a cloud-native endpoint protection platform that uses artificial intelligence and behavioral analysis to detect and prevent cyberattacks.

With CrowdStrike, we can ensure the highest level of security for our hosted solution. It is built into our code, so every VM that we launch will have CrowdStrike installed and activated automatically. CrowdStrike Overwatch is active as well to provide 24/7 monitoring and response to any suspicious activity on our VMs.

As noted above, CrowdStrike uses artificial intelligence to train the system over time, learning from the data and feedback on millions of endpoints, and constantly improving its detection and prevention capabilities. It provides 100% saturation for all VMs in our Azure Hosted AVD solution, ensuring that no endpoint is left unprotected or vulnerable.

To learn more about CrowdStrike, you can visit their website at https://www.crowdstrike.com/platform/
To learn more about our hosting services, please visit https://emphasyspha.com/hosting/