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Manage key areas of housing: online waiting lists, applicant information, recertifications, and landlords. Reduce call-in and appointment volumes with easy-to-use online application. Reach a bigger pool of applicants and give applicants full ownership of the application process.

Features & Solutions

Application Portal

MyHousing’s web-based intake portal, WebApp, facilitates both prequalification and waiting list applications, empowering applicants to take control of the process. Once applicants log in, a linear timeline at the top of the page outlines each stage of the process, allowing potential tenants to estimate the information they will need to have on hand, as well as the amount of time they should set aside to apply for public and Section 8 housing assistance.

In the video, José Capeles of Grand Rapid Housing Commission shares his agency’s seamless experience with the opening of their last HCV waiting list.


What our customers say...
Jose Capeles, Grand Rapids Housing Commission

Application Management Portal

With MyHousing, applicants are able to log in through an online portal and have full control of their progress. Future tenants are able to view relevant information over a secure login, including their waiting list position, days on waiting list and current status. Individuals can also upload documents and request changes, such as changes in address, phone numbers, and family composition.

Resident Portal

MyHousing provides a secure online portal for tenants and staff to complete the annual recertification process. Residents are able to log in and upload necessary documents, as well as contact their caseworker regarding any questions they might have. Caseworkers are also able to monitor each tenant case as they move through the recertification process. The caseworker dashboard displays caseloads, while notifications alert staff when recertification are ready for review

Landlord Portal

The MyHousing Landlord Portal is a secure, web-based platform designed to optimize communication, collaboration, and efficiency among landlords, public housing agencies, and other stakeholders. By leveraging the power of the internet and automation, we offer landlords direct access to their information, enabling them to manage their data independently. This not only boosts your agency’s efficiency but also heightens landlord satisfaction and increases landlord participation. 

Features & Benefits


Track ongoing changes to applicant and resident information to seamlessly transition from the pre-applicant, applicant, resident and recertification process.


Run a quick search tool to access specific applicant information at the click of a button.

Waiting List

Open and close waiting lists for applicants to easily apply at their own discretion.

Mobile Friendly

Log in on smartphones, tablets or computers.

Automated Applications

Schedule and setup the pre-application system to run automatically.

Tenant Groupings

Sort applicants into waiting list groups to easily maneuver through high volume data.

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