Elite Insight Analytics

Business intelligence to transform complex data into actionable insights in real time.

Real-Time Intelligence

Access your key performance indicators as they unfold. Make timely, well-informed decisions, and stay ahead of the curve.

One-Click Overviews

Simplify your workload with our user-friendly interface. Generate comprehensive overviews in key areas with a single click, saving you both time and effort.

Fully Customizable

Adapt your reporting to meet your PHA’s unique challenges. Choose the data types, formats, and visual elements that make the most sense for your operations.

Streamlined Decision-Making

Leverage actionable, data-driven insights for your strategic planning
initiatives. Optimize your resources efficiently, ensuring better outcomes for your residents.

Reports Available

Here are just some of the reports available to you in Elite Insight Analytics.

Housing Choice Voucher

  • Active Repayment
  • Average Days to Lease-up
  • Average HAP/UAP by Date
  • Average Years on Program
  • Average Gross Annual Income
  • Caseworker Assignments
  • Certifications by Completion Date
  • Certifications by Effective Date
  • Data Over Time
  • HCV Data
  • HCV WL Data
  • EOPs by Date Range
  • Homeless at Admission
  • Past Due Certifications
  • Payment Adjustments by Month
  • Payments by Month
  • Resident Demographics
  • Resident Income Types
  • Residents in a Unit by Date
  • Voucher Success Rate
  • Vouchers by ZIP Code and City

LIPH Public Housing

  • AR Balances by Month
  • Active Repayment Agreements
  • Average Gross Annual Income
  • Average Rents by Month
  • Average Years on Program
  • Caseworker Assignments
  • Certifications by Completion Date
  • Certifications by Effective Date
  • Occupancy Rates by Month
  • Past Due Certifications
  • Resident Demographics
  • Resident Income Types
  • Unit Statuses as of Date
  • Unit Statuses by Month
  • Vacancy Loss

Work Orders

  • Work Orders
  • Currently Open
  • Opened/Closed by Date
  • Average Time to Complete Task
  • Hours Logged by Worker

Agency Overview

  • HCV Overview
  • Housing Overview
  • Waiting List Overview
  • Work Order Overview

HCV Inspections

  • Completed HCV Inspections
  • Completed HCV Inspections Instances
  • Past Due HCV Inspections
  • Schedule HCV Inspections

Waiting List

  • Average Days in Status
  • Average Days on Waiting List
  • Demographics
  • New Applications by Date
  • Status Counts by Waiting List
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