LIPH Housing

Automates manual tasks, such as housing offers, unit matching, rent runs, correspondence tracking, validating certifications and submitting 50058s.


Waiting List

The Elite Waiting List module manages the initial stages of placing persons in assisted housing by collecting applicant data, making eligibility determinations and drawing names from the lists.

The Elite Waiting List can handle multiple waiting lists for Section 8 and Low Income Public Housing programs, as well as any other programs that your agency manages.

In addition, it meets HUD Fairness Standards, determining applicant position by federal and local preferences, bedroom requirements, and application date and time

LIPH/Property Management

The Elite Property Management system is designed to address every aspect of your agency’s property management requirements. With built-in PHAs and HUD compliance, you can organize and report on your property data and map it to the HUD-required PHAs tracking categories.

Public Housing Financials

The Elite LIPH Financials includes General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, and Bank Book.

The Core system allows users to optimize their decision-making process and  streamline accounting with flexible account and allocation definitions, automated transaction processing for performing program centric, centralized, or project-based accounting across multiple funds and multiple fiscal years.

Multifamily (50059s)

The Elite Multifamily (50059) module is designed to assist housing professionals manage and automate many of the processes related to the 50059 and their related regulatory demands. The module performs a variety of tasks to help streamline your day-to-day operations and keep you in compliance with HUD.

Work Order (Including Mobile WO)

The Elite Work Order system provides a complete workflow design that allows you to manage all your facilities including units, buildings, sites, and common areas. To best optimize resources, the system gives users the ability
to measure and track performance for all maintenance personnel, inventory control, preventative maintenance teams and any vendors who are providing services. The Elite Work Order Mobile Touch software is designed to allow your maintenance staff to enter time and materials inventory for Work Order tasks as performed in the field.

NSPIRE Inspections (including Mobile NSPIRE)

The Elite NSPIRE Inspections system is a complete inspection system designed to manage every step of the inspections process and fulfill inspection requirements. Schedule and review inspection results in the Elite system and
Mobile NSPIRE allows an inspector to automatically download all inspections
that have been scheduled. During the inspection, the inspector enters all the information into the mobile device, and upon completion of the inspection, the results are uploaded to the main system to update property or unit information, create work orders, and generate letters.

Utility Tracking

The Elite Utility Tracking module allows for the manual or automated data capture of utility usage of tenants. The module allows for the setup and tracking of multiple utilities and allowance schedules. It provides
the ability to import utility meter readings directly into the module. Once the readings have been completed and the consumption calculated, Utility Tracking will determine the excess utilities based on the defined utility allowances established by the agency. The excess utilities can be turned into tenant charges in the Public Housing finance module.


  • Waiting list
  • LIPH
  • LIPH Financials
  • Batch Correspondence
  • Scheduler
  • Notification Engine
  • Report Wizard
  • Wordlink
  • Property Management
  • Work Order
  • MTW (Moving to Work)
  • Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS)


  • WebApp Portal
  • Applicant Portal
  • Resident Portal
  • Elite Insight Analytics
  • Utility Tracking
  • Work Order API
  • Mobile Work Orders
  • Reasonable Accommodation Request (RAR)
  • Certification Generator
  • Address Management

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