Administration Accounting

Gain efficiencies through highly automated financial processing. Unlimited fund groupings for easy reporting and comparative analysis. Administrative controls redirects and grant access to accounts and account combination.


Accounts Payable

The Elite Accounts Payable module provides PHAs with the comprehensive management of all Accounts Payable (AP) from within one integrated system. Each module that performs Accounts Payable transactions (Vendor AP, Section 8 AP and Low Income Public Housing or Tenant AP) is integrated with both the Elite Bank Book and the Elite General Ledger.

Through Emphasys Entity Management, the vendor type is associated to the module so that vendor look-ups are by module. The 1099 process facilitates all AP payments (and adjustments to payments) based on the disbursing entity/fund tax-id, enabling PHA to generate 1099s from the PHA FEIN for all payment types as well as any component unit or other entities managed by PHA with a different FEIN that PHA may be distributing payments for as well.

Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable (AR) is designed specifically for PHAs to manage any Non-PH and Non-HCV related AR account. As Elite provides one comprehensive AR system, the functionality stated in PH Accounts Receivable applies here. Elite provides the ability to record cash unrelated to resident receivables and to maintain accounts for those entities.

Elite provides an open item receivables system to assure that you have details of each charge and credit applied to an account. Invoices may be added at any time for monies due to the Housing Authority. Each charge is based on a predefine charge code which stores the general ledger account information. It is not necessary to add account numbers when adding a charge.

General Ledger

The Elite General Ledger is a full feature General Ledger system from which PHA accounting staff may efficiently and effectively manage and report on their fiscal activities.

The flexible setup provides for the unique needs of PHA. The system’s chart of accounts may consist of up to eight segments with each segment consisting of up to ten alpha-numeric characters. The system requires at a minimum a fund/ledger and account code

Bank Book

The Elite Bank Book module provides PHAs with access to the detailed information contained within each respective transaction as well as facilitate standard cash management functions such as transfers, deposits, withdrawals, adjustments, direct deposit and positive pay.

All cash related transactions either originate in Bank Book or are automatically posted from subsidiary ledgers to Bank Book; to include Accounts Payable, Housing Choice Vouchers and Accounts Receivable.

Fixed Assets

The Elite Fixed Assets module is designed to improve management control over critical fixed assets and can help ensure proper custody and use of assets. By gathering and tracking crucial agency accounting information, the system can assist the user in performing better-cost analysis. For instance, Elite Fixed Assets can track the replacement and market value of each of your agency’s assets.

This information is necessary for insurance purposes and for recovery of maximum value after a loss. The Elite Accounting module meets the requirements for the Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) Certificate of Conformance and will simplify your authority’s implementation of GASB 34 requirements in the future.


The Elite Materials Inventory system manages multiple warehouse locations, store rooms and trucks and identifies the build-up of excess or obsolete inventory. Analysis tools and just-in-time inventory management provides automated replenishment through the seamless integration with Elite Procurement.

Materials Inventory’s complete transaction management ensures high levels of inventory accuracy from receipt to issue, including transfers, adjustments, cycle counts, annual physical inventory counts and reporting.


Emphasys Elite’s Procurement product revolutionizes procurement processes with robust setup features like multiple companies, locations, and warehouses support, alongside a streamlined request system with catalog standardization and freeform entry options. Its advanced dashboard enhances requisition processing with tools for cost change approval, purchase order creation, and effective inventory management. Elite Procurement ensures compliance and efficiency, making it an indispensable tool for public housing authorities.


  • Core Financials (AP, AR, GL, BB)
  • Inventory
  • Fixed Assets
  • Procurement


  • Vendor Connection Link
  • Budgeting
  • Grants Management Suite

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