Elite HCV Housing

Complete workflow design that automates day-to-day processes. Easily issue vouchers, track increment funding and submit 50058’s. Suite includes all of HUD’s required forms to ensure compliance.


Waiting List

The Elite Waiting List module manages the initial stages of placing persons in assisted housing by collecting applicant data, making eligibility determinations and drawing names from the lists.

The Elite Waiting List can handle multiple waiting lists for Section 8 and Low Income Public Housing programs, as well as any other programs that your agency manages.

In addition, it meets HUD Fairness Standards, determining applicant position by federal and local preferences, bedroom requirements, and application date and time


The Elite Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) module provides a complete workflow design that allows agencies to streamline day-to-day processes through automation. Fully atuomated workflows for voucher management, RFTA, lease-ups, retroactive adjustments, re-exam processing, HQS inspections, rent reasonableness, PIC validation/submission, appeals tracking and FSS.

HCV Financials

The Elite HCV Financials is comprised of General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and Bank Book.

The Core system allows users to optimize their decision making process and to streamline accounting with flexible account and allocation definitions, automated transaction processing for performing program centric, centralized, or project-based accounting across multiple funds and multiple fiscal years.

Family Self-Sufficiency

The Elite Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) module is more than just a data collection tool for the HUD 50058, it is designed to assist your agency in the administration of a successful FSS program. Elite FSS helps your agency monitor family services, track correspondence and communications, track financial data, calculate escrow payments and interest proration, process payments, and much more

HQS Inspections

The Elite HQS Inspections system provides a complete workflow design that allows housing authorities to streamline day-to-day processes through automation. Manual processes such as generating quality assurance inspections, producing correspondence, tracking inspection history, scheduling appointments, and automatic reinspections can be automated with the Elite HQS Inspections solution.

Inspections can also be completed while in the field using the HQS Mobile Touch solution and the results are updated in the Elite HCV Suite of modules automatically, eliminating the time to hand write the inspection results and then perform data entry of the results once the inspector returns to the office.

Landlord Portal

The Landlord Portal (Partner Portal) system allows landlords to access their information over a secure Internet connection. Landlords can view such items as HAP registers by resident, status of inspections and re-inspections, and up-coming recertifications. It also allows prospective landlords the ability to enter in their properties as potential units for rent.

Applicants who are voucher holders can then search the system by geographic area to look for units they might be interested in. Authority staff can also use the system for lookup purposes in terms of Landlord information, available units, etc. This system ties to the Elite database through a secure connection.

In addition to eliminating the need to mail checks or payment statements to landlords, current users of the Partner Portal have also reduced phone calls and office traffic from landlords by up to 70%.


  • Waiting list
  • HCV
  • HCV Financials
  • Batch Correspondence
  • Scheduler
  • Notification Engine
  • Report Wizard
  • Wordlink
  • Rent Reasonableness
  • HQS Inspections (Host)
  • MTW (Moving to Work)
  • Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS)


  • WebApp
  • Applicant Portal
  • Resident Portal
  • Elite Insight Analytics
  • Landlord Portal
  • RAD (PBV)
  • Mobile HQS 
  • Reasonable Accommodation Request (RAR)
  • Certification Generator
  • Address Management

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Whether you’re looking for information on our housing modules or our mobile / online offerings, our data sheets are a great place to start. The data sheets provide a detailed break-down of our different modules, with information spanning functionality, features and key benefits. The data sheets also contain screenshots of the products.

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