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Hosted Software: Working from Home in the Age of COVID 

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, PHAs across the country had to shift gears suddenly to a work-from-home scenario. Most businesses were not ready. Let’s face it – most companies’ disaster recovery plans didn’t account for a pandemic.

At the time of this writing, most states have begun reopening, though many are still requiring those workers who can work from home to do so. For this very reason, many of our customers have been and are still taking a serious look at the benefits of hosting their Elite PHA software with us – and finding that it makes a lot of sense. 

Why Hosting Is Such a Good Option

With hosted software, staff can access it anywhere with an internet connection, which promotes social distancing. If a COVID resurgence occurs, it’s much easier to shift staff to working from home.

It’s very affordable and eliminates server maintenance and on-going hardware costs.

If you’re already using Emphasys Elite, you can expect a very fast implementation. One of our PHA customers was able to deploy 100 low-cost laptops to staff and have them work remotely with our software in a matter of days. (For new customers, a thorough implementation plan will take place on the typical timeline.)

You can take advantage of a highly secure environment with SOC II Compliance – no IT oversight is needed because software is maintained/updated for you.

Enjoy a greater than 99% uptime, with options for redundant hosting locations and built-in disaster recovery from floods, hurricanes, fires, etc.

An added bonus of hosting is that it provides protection from cyber attacks (ransomware, malware, virus, Trojans, etc.)

Worth Looking Into

Hosting is an option that is absolutely worth looking into. If you’d like to chat, don’t hesitate to reach out. 

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