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Is Your Vendor Prepared for a Disaster? 

June marked the official start of the Atlantic hurricane season, which got us thinking about overall emergency preparedness (not just hurricanes). Emphasys has a solid plan to handle a disaster, as well as offerings to mitigate risk. When your vendor has a comprehensive emergency preparedness plan, it becomes part of your plan, too. 

How We Help You Plan for and Recover from Disasters and Emergencies 

  1. Our customers have the option to run our software from the cloud – if your local office is not open, PHA staff can still access the software remotely.  
  2. Hosting the software in the cloud keeps your data safe, even if your building or infrastructure has been damaged. 
  3. With a hosted solution, redundant data centers across the United States are available should one region of the country experience a disaster. 
  4. Emphasys has three office locations in the United States (Florida, California, Michigan), and in addition, many of our staff work remotely and are spread across the United States – a disaster in one region will not prevent our staff from providing assistance and support. 
  5. Emphasys’ company infrastructure to support customers (e-mail, phone, ticketing, website, etc.) is hosted in the cloud, so customers are always able to reach us even if a single office location is closed or damaged. 
  6. Emphasys staff, even the ones in an office location, are equipped to work remotely, so if an office needs to shut due to disaster, staff are able to continue working to support customers from a safe location. 

We’re more than happy to help you explore hosting options and other disaster recovery and mitigation services. Let us know if you want to chat. 

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