The Emphasys Software User Conference is an educational conference designed to appeal to a broad range of affordable housing staff

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Save the date! Engage 2023 is November 12 – 15 in Orlando, Florida.

  • Watch from the comfort of your home or office
  • Attend sessions live
  • Watch other sessions later on-demand
  • All major modules covered
  • Something for every department
  • Expert and knowledgeable presenters
  • Save on travel expenses
  • No lodging costs
  • No per diem hassles

Save the date! Engage 2023 is November 12 – 15 in Orlando, Florida.

Save the date! Engage 2023 is November 12 – 15 in Orlando, Florida.

Our thanks to the hundreds of customers who joined us for this year’s Users Connect and who made it such a success!

And a special thanks to ENUG for their sponsorship and collaboration.

Save the date! Engage 2023 is November 12 – 15 in Orlando, Florida.

Save the date! Engage 2023 is November 12 – 15 in Orlando, Florida.

One of the most popular elements of Emphasys conferences is users serving as session presenters. Users from around the country share their expertise and years of product experience as they present detailed and informative sessions on a wide range of topics. These topics cover a number of our products including Elite, Financials, Single Family as well as general interest topics such as HUD trends, strategic planning and outsourcing.

If you are interested in serving as a session presenter for this year’s Users Connect, please fill out the form below:

Presentation materials from past conferences are available for review at our client information portal, MyEmphasys.

What our clients had to say:

“It was a great experience and I will try to send more staff next time.” – J.A.

“The conference was a great learning experience; the information on Emphasys products was very helpful; the staff is knowledgeable in their field.” – M.S.

“I found the demos very helpful.” – B.S.

“Individual sessions were excellent.” – J.K.

“Very good conference with helpful information.” – D.C.

“The conference was very informative and I gained a lot of useful knowledge.” – G.P.

“Thank you for the extra touches.” – S.P.

“The overall conference was enjoyable and educational.” – S.T.

“I liked the ability to share ideas with others.” – K.S.

“This year’s conference was very good, providing a wide range of topics for the attendees. The conference was truly informative.” – P.H.

“Fantastic job!” – D.M.

“I really enjoyed it; the sessions were informative and helpful.” – D.S.

“Great people; lots of knowledge.” – D.I.

“The topics of the sessions and the opening session was all very good.” – X.W.

“As a first time attendee, I enjoyed the flow of the classes and the topics that were available in this time of change.” – L.H.

“Very informative.” – T.E.

“Great information.” – J.V.

“The conference was very well organized and provided useful information.” – M.H.

“I am walking away with more knowledge of features and it will be very useful at the office.” – K.D.

“I enjoyed it very much; I was just sorry that I couldn’t attend every session.” – B.J.

“Awesome!” – D.W.

“I learned a lot more than I expected.” – C.M.

“The presentations were very helpful to me.” – L.H.

“Overall conference was very good; sessions informative and staff helpful.” – D.B.

“The flow of each session was very smooth.” – J.L.

“I enjoyed the conference tremendously; the staff is great.” – N.D.

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Registration is open! The Engage 2023 user conference is November 12 - 15 in Orlando. Get your ticket today!
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