An Online Tenant Payment Portal Designed for the Needs of Today’s PHAs

Tenant Payment Portal

Without the right tenant payment portal, it can be a challenge to collect monthly payments from your residents. The more tenants you have, the more challenging and confusing it can become. The last thing you want at the end of the month is to have to search out payments that were missed or lost.

To combat the struggles of ineffective, disorganized tenant payment processes, your tenants need a simple, effective way to make payments. They need a seamless, streamlined platform that lets them make secure, online payments using debit cards, credit cards, and ACH.

They need MyTenantPayments®.

The Tenant Payment Portal You Need

What is MyTenantPayments?

Emphasys Elite’s MyTenantPayments is the most efficient and cohesive online tenant payment platform out there for use by Public Housing Authorities. Instead of inconveniencing yourself and your tenants with confusing and inefficient payment methods, you can make the process fast, simple, and safe.

With MyTenantPayments, you and your tenants will have access to a streamlined platform that has a number of capabilities and features, which provide the easiest way to make and receive payments. Features include:


Debit, credit, and eCheck payments

Tenants are able to make their rent payments and other charges with the method of their choice; credit cards, debit cards, and eChecks are all acceptable forms of payment through MyTenantPayments. With this platform, making payments is seamless and convenient for tenants, and they are easily processed and collected for you.



The MyTenantPayments platform was carefully crafted with security in mind. Online payments are an essential part of business today, however, people making online payments need to know that their private information will be kept safe. MyTenantPayments provides the security needed to give you and your tenants peace of mind.


Flexible and Automated

When people use a platform to make regular online payments, they should be able to set up automated payments and account notifications. The platform must also provide users the flexibility to change settings, payment methods, alerts, dates, and more, in a simple, easy-to-understand manner. The MyTenantPayments platform provides automation capabilities and the necessary flexibility to ensure streamlined payment processes.



MyTenantPayments is fully integrated with the Emphasys software, making your processes simplified and streamlined into one cohesive place. Instead of working with various third-party platforms, you can perform all of your processes and organization in one tenant payment portal.


Benefits of MyTenantsPayments Platform

When using the MyTenantPayments platform, there are a number of benefits that will ensure a high-quality payment experience for you and your tenants. Utilizing a tenant payment portal provides an effective and efficient way to collect payments and keep tenant information organized and secure.

It also lowers your costs by enabling you to accept electronic payments, streamlines the payment process, and helps ensure payments are made on time through automated payment reminders.

Collecting payments from tenants has never been easier or more secure. With the MyTenantPayments platform from Emphasys, you can put an end to confusing, late payments by using seamless payment solutions.

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National Fair Housing Month | Public Housing News

National Fair Housing Month

April is National Fair Housing Month— a month to commemorate the passing of the Fair Housing Act of 1968. On April 11, 1968, President Lyndon Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act of 1968, expanding on previous acts to prohibit discrimination concerning the sale, rental, and financing of a house based on race, religion, sex, national origin, handicap, or family status. Title VIII of the Act is known as the Fair Housing Act. The act furthers the beliefs of Civil Rights icons like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

The theme for National Fair Housing Month 2021 is Fair Housing: More than Just Words. This year’s theme reflects the Biden-Harris Administration’s efforts to advance housing equity and the importance of raising awareness about our right as Americans to fair housing.

HUD Secretary Marcia L. Fudge said, “Fair Housing Month is a time to recommit to our nation’s obligation to ensure that everyone has equal access to safe, affordable housing. Unfortunately, housing discrimination still exists, from individuals and families being denied a place to call home because of the color of their skin or where they come from, to landlords refusing to allow persons with disabilities to keep assistance animals, to individuals being denied a place to live because of who they love.”

Fudge continued by saying that fair housing is more important than ever during these times of unprecedented crisis. 

Every April, HUD is joined by local communities, fair housing advocates and organizations nationwide to commemorate Fair Housing Month by hosting activities to highlight HUD’s fair housing enforcement efforts, enhance public awareness of fair housing rights, and emphasize the need to end housing discrimination.

Fair Housing Month is a reminder that the principle of fair housing is not just in terms of state and federal law, but it is also a fundamental human right. America is made up of people of all races, classes, backgrounds, religions, and abilities, and our housing system should reflect that.

Ways to Commemorate Fair Housing Month

We’re proud to partner with so many incredible PHA’s that are working to make housing fairer every day. If you’re looking for a software vendor to better support you in these efforts, schedule a free consultation today!