Emphasys provides an array of software solutions and related services to public housing authorities (PHAs) and housing finance agencies (HFAs). It was formed in 2000, as the result of a merger between the nation’s two leading vendors of housing software: Creative Computer Solutions, founded in 1976, and Memory Lane Systems, founded in 1983. In May 2004, Emphasys also acquired Application Oriented Designs, Inc., the nation’s leading provider of software and services for HFAs.

Today Emphasys is the largest full-service provider to serve the public housing, housing finance, and redevelopment marketplace. Hundreds of PHAs, HFAs and redevelopment agencies across North America rely on Emphasys software and services. These organizations demand the superior functionality and innovative technology that only Emphasys provides. We have the experience and technical expertise needed to help housing agencies migrate to complete, integrated application infrastructures. Our full range of integration services doesn’t stop after defining initial requirements. It includes workflow analysis through data conversion, training, go-live and post-implementation phases.

Emphasys offers a full complement of skilled employees who are experienced in public housing, implementation and software design. Our implementation specialists are certified public housing managers, as are many of our customer care representatives, project managers, software engineers and members of the sales team. Our network engineers are certified or authorized in numerous operating systems and hardware brands including Novell, Microsoft, HP, IBM, SUN and Citrix.

The PHA division has two offices to serve its clients: the Great Lakes office located in Petoskey, Michigan, and the Bay Area office in Livermore, California. With locations on both coasts, Emphasys offers its clients the convenience of extended software support hours.

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