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You visit the doctor every year for an annual health check-up, so why not do the same for your hardware and software? We believe that you should “check” your hardware and software system once a year to determine if it’s running optimally.

You can’t go upgrade after upgrade without reevaluating your hardware, as technology and database usage change over time. As hardware ages, it affects the performance of the system, which can ultimately hinder the productivity of your staff and the speed at which they operate. With our Optimization service, we review your hardware and network performance to ensure it’s performing as effectively as possible.

Likewise, as you continue to upgrade your system, new features and processes are introduced. With our Utilization service, we ensure that your agency understands the new features and processes and how to utilize them. We evaluate how your agency is currently using the software, uncover any factors that might prevent you from using the system efficiently, and provide recommendations and best practices to maximize your investment.


Optimization services involve evaluation and quick identification of hardware and network performance. The services include actionable alerting, intuitive event management, and powerful performance analytics that will result in fast and efficient database performance.

Our Optimization services consist of the following:

Monitor CPU usage

Monitor memory usage

Monitor disk performance

Measure Windows server metrics

Measure SQL server metrics

Determine SQL server misconfigurations

Determine Windows server misconfigurations

Assess utilization capacity


During the Utilization process, we will meet with your agency to review how you’re currently using the software and to identify any areas of opportunity. We’ll evaluate your agency’s workflow and use of the product by department, and speak to the different roles at your agency to ensure they’re taking full advantage of the software. Once we’ve completed a thorough review, we’ll share our observations with your agency and provide recommendations and best practices on how to better utilize our software.

Our Utilization services consist of the following:

Evaluation by department

Evaluation by product

Evaluation of policies and procedures

Provide best practices on compliance changes

Identify areas of improvement in software usage

Identify tools being used within the organization

Education of new features and how to deploy them

Cross-reference of reporting needs

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Compliance monitoring and reporting

Departmental and executive management

Housing management

Housing Choice Voucher Program administration

Business process reengineering

Software optimization services


Documenting of policies and procedures

Premium technical services


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