Admin Suite Product Flowchart

The following workflow shows the key interfaces that the Admin Suite has with other modules and the key features within the system.

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All tenant transactions, receipts and payments made in Property Management flow over to Bank Book and General Ledger.


Once the Payroll process is completed, financial transactions, along with checks, are transferred over to the Admin Suite for posting and processing.


Admin Suite supports the importing of FDS financial transmissions directly to REAC.


Users can customize their own financial reports using our Report Builder.


Admin Suite integrates with third-party products and allows users to import General Ledger transactions, Accounts Payable invoices, etc.


Contracts being managed in Grants Management, as well as payment requests, transfer over to Accounts Payable once they’re approved.


Monthly transactions of HAP/UAP payments are transferred to General Ledger and Bank Book.


Once invoices are received and reconciled, the payments flow over to Accounts Payable.