Elite Product Flowcharts

Our Elite product flowcharts are a visual representation of our suites and modules, and allow users to familiarize themselves with our products and processes.

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The Waiting List module manages the initial stages of placing persons in affordable housing – collecting applicant data, making eligibility determinations and drawing names from the lists.


The Housing Choice Voucher Suite provides a complete workflow design that allows agencies to streamline day-to-day processes through automation. The Suite contains PBV, RAD, Homeownership and Shelter Plus Care.


The Property Management Suite automates manual tasks, such as housing offers, unit matching, rent runs, correspondence tracking and validating certifications. The Suite contains Public Housing, Tax Credits, Market Rate and 50059s.


The Admin Suite allows users to optimize their decision making process and to streamline accounting with flexible account and allocation definitions. The Suite consists of General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and Bank Book.


With the Grants Management Suite, public housing authorities can create, implement and track grants, plans (projects) and contracts. The Suite is comprised of four main modules: Grants Management, Plan Management, Contract Management and Property Management.


The Payroll and Human Resources Suite is a fully integrated human resources, benefit administration and payroll system. The suite consists of four modules to meet your agency’s needs: Payroll, Human Resources, Benefits and Self-Service.


The Procurement system is browser-based with user-definable approval processes and procurement thresholds.


Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) is designed to assist your agency in the administration of a successful FSS program. Elite FSS helps your agency monitor family services, track correspondence and communications, track financial data, calculate escrow payments and interest prorations, process payments, and much more.

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