Increase Efficiencies with the Elite Certification Generator

By Delia Niswonger

With sequestration and HUD’s FY 2013 allocations, Housing Authorities are making tough decisions on the necessary budget cuts to the Housing Choice Voucher program.  One proposed method is to reduce the current Voucher Payment Standards.  That poses a challenge when looking at how to implement that across all of the current resident effective certifications in Elite.  Realistically, the Housing Authority also needs to consider the impact of reporting all of those changes to IMS/PIC as well.  To help solve these challenges, Emphasys developed the Elite Certification Generator utility.

The Elite Certification Generator utility allows Housing Authorities the ability to create certifications for all active families for the Housing Choice Voucher or Low Income Public Housing programs.  The screen below shows the certification generator utility.

The Certification Generator allows the Housing Authority to filter families by Housing Program, Increment (HCV) or AMP (LIPH), and Program Affiliation.  Housing Authorities can also filter on families that have fixed income.  When the filter is in place, a Next Re-exam Effective date range can be selected.  All that is left for the Housing Authority to do is select the Effective Date of the new certifications and click Search.  The Certification Generator will return the existing certifications that meet the selection criteria (as shown in the screen above).

To create the new certifications, the Housing Authority needs to highlight the desired rows in the search grid.  The screen below shows two of the three rows selected.

With the desired rows selected, all that is needed is to click the Next button.  The Housing Authority is presented with options for updating the new certifications that will be created.  The Housing Authority needs to select the Certification Type, select currVPS if the current VPS will be used on the certification, select which certification to base the new certification off of, and decide if the utilities will be updated as well.

Once all of the criteria have been selected, the Housing Authority can click the Create Certs button.  Elite will create approved certifications for the families that were selected on the first screen.

If your Housing Authority would like additional information on the Certification Generator, please contact Delia Niswonger at or call (800) 968-6884 ext. 3038.


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